Tow New May Be The Smart Trash Can You Need

Taking the trash out is something everyone has to do, and whether you hate doing it or love doing the chore, it would always be more convenient if the trash bin could do it by itself.

Well, that isn’t just in the realm of science fiction anymore because you can get a smart trash can right now.

It’s jam-packed with excellent quality of life features to help you get your housework done quickly and without fuss.

No longer would you have to handle the trash yourself if you have Townew’s Smart Trash can.

You’ll see an in-depth review on the Smart Trash Can and also see why getting one of these for your home just might be worth it.

The TowNew Smart Trash Can is a great addition to every smart home thanks to its touchless lid-opening feature, the automatic bag sealing system, as well as the battery life

Read on to find out what makes this smart trash tick and how it differentiates itself from others.

Why Would You Need A Smart Trash Can

Smart trash cans make your kitchen and household tasks far easier to manage.

It can let you know when it is full, automatically pack the garbage into the bag, and make the bin ready for a fresh one.

It also removes the need to touch otherwise unsanitary areas or if your hands are dirty and you want to avoid touching anything.

You can open it with a wave of your hand or even with a voice command on some models.

These smart garbage bins come in all shapes and sizes and can be used almost anywhere.

The Technology In Smart Trash Cans

Thanks to smart trash cans having a lot of convenience features, they have a lot of technology incorporated from different areas.

They are battery-powered, usually by a lithium-ion battery that’s rechargeable.

You’ll only need to plug in the bin every once in a while when they tell you their battery is low.

Some bins can seal garbage bags that are full so that you can replace them without needing to close those bags yourself.

They also have sensors to detect gestures that can open the bin or voice commands if the bin supports them.

TowNew: The Smart Trash Can

The TowNew Smart Trash Can is smaller than most garbage bins, so it isn’t suited for kitchens that generate a lot of waste.

You can use the bin near where you wash dishes or in your office or bedroom.

You can use it in any area where the volume of waste isn’t that high.

It can be used in kitchens, but the only issue would be that you’ll find yourself changing bins all the time.

If your kitchen doesn’t generate much waste, then go ahead.

The TowNew bin doesn’t have an app or any wireless connectivity options, though, and the only way it can let you know of low battery levels is with loud beeps.

Design And Features

The TowNew Smart Trash Can comes in white or teal and only in one size that’s good enough for a small kitchen, a bathroom, or an office.

The design itself is pretty minimalist, with a chromes band running around the bin’s lid.

There is a button below the lid that’s used for most of the bin functions and is a backup method to open the lid.

An infrared sensor on top of the lid will sense if you wave your hand over it and open it if you do so.

You can also use the button to open the lid, and it lets you access the rest of the bin’s features.

You can press the button once to open the lid and keep it open until you manually shut it.

Pressing and holding the button will seal the garbage bag inside regardless of how much trash is in it and will open the lid for you to take it out.

Once you take the bag out, the bin will automatically dispense a new bag with the help of a fan on the base of the bin, which pulls down the new bag into position.

The lid opens to the garbage bag dispenser and the thermoplastic device used to seal the bags.

The bin can also detect when it gets full and automatically seal the bag and open the lid.

The TowNew bin doesn’t have an app or other wireless features, though, making it impossible to integrate with a smart home.

The bags for the bin are stored in a ring underneath the ring, but you cannot replace the bags in the ring, and you’ll have to get new rings every time you run out of bags.

Each ring has 25 bags, and TowNew sells these rings in packs of three or six, going for $18 and $30, respectively.

Biodegradable bags are more expensive, at $27 and $45 for the three- and six-packs.

Each bag, biodegradable or otherwise, can hold almost 6 pounds of trash before needing to be sealed and replaced.

Ease Of Installation

Installing the TowNew Smart Trash Can is the easiest thing ever, and with no app required to set up or no need to connect to Wi-Fi, you can set up the bin in less than three minutes.

You’ll have to keep the bin plugged in for at least 10 hours for it to be fully charged, although you can leave it plugged in and use it completely wired.

Unpack one of the bag rings and place them inside the upper compartment under the lid, and you’re done!


During testing, the lid worked as intended, with the gestures and the button.

But there were a few times when the bag randomly sealed while the bag wasn’t full, but it only happened once or twice.

The bag and bin keep odors in really well, and the thermoplastic seal works well to keep the odor in the bag when readying it for disposal.

The battery can give you up to five weeks of power, but your mileage may vary depending on how often you use the bin.

Overall, the bin performed well in tests and did well at most of the things we tried.


The TowNew Smart Trash Can is an excellent choice for someone looking for a smaller trash bin for their home or office use.

While it might be too small for a really busy kitchen, it adds a lot of convenience to a chore that most try to get over with as fast as possible.

The battery life is excellent, and the minimalist single-button setup made everything easy to pull off.

Overall, the TowNew Smart Trash Can is a good smart trash can, and with the next models, we hope TowNew makes an app and adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to the feature list.

What The Future Holds

As far as the TowNew Smart Trash Can is concerned, it could use an app and wireless connectivity features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to let it connect with your smart home system.

The can could alert you over the phone if your battery is running low rather than using the loud beeps, especially at night.

It could also be designed to know when it is running out of bags and let you know when it does.

For smart trash cans in general, the ideal evolution of the idea would be the trash can moving by itself when filled and dumping it into the bin for the garbage truck.

Although that seems impossible, the technology is there with computer vision allowing robots to see and AI and machine learning assisting them in this process.

Doing More With Waste

There is also the possibility of recycling waste at home with the help of smart devices. 

If a recycler could sort and recycle garbage at your home, dealing with waste issues would become much more manageable.

These robots can work with your smart trash cans to predict how much volume it would get and what kinds of waste it would expect so that they can prepare preset programs for each situation.

This would need both the cans and the recycler to be on the same smart home network, and all of them would naturally be connected to the internet.

They can source information about new kinds of waste that they find and how to recycle them if they can.

This is just a glimpse of what you can do to revolutionize recycling at home, and the possibilities are endless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge a TowNew?

You can charge a TowNew trash can by connecting a power cable to its power input port of the back of the can.

You’ll need to let it charge for a few hours for the battery to complete charging.

How do I know if my TowNew is charging?

Your TowNew will let you know its charging when the light blinks as if it is breathing.

Once the can is fully charged, this light will turn off.

How do I reset my TowNew trash can?

To reset your TowNew Trash Can, turn the can off and unplug its power.

Wait for 10-15 seconds before you turn the bin back on.

Can I use my TowNew Trash Can outdoors?

Since the TowNew uses electronics and other components that can be damaged by water or other elements, it is advised to be only used indoors or in households.