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Ballet Méchanique

Ballet Méchanique was a project created by composer  George Antheil and filmmaker Fernand Léger in 1924.  The musical score composed by Antheil was so radical that it could not actually be played at the time due to technical limitations. Antheil … Continue reading

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Spruce Deuce Robotic Drummer

via (Make)

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Marv The Robotic Vibraphone

Meet Marve the robotic vibraphone.  He was created by Tim O’Keefe, Michael McIntyre, and Brock Roland at the SFSU School of Engineering. From the  website: Marv can play music of high complexity, far more complex than a human player could … Continue reading

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Cybraphon A Unique Robotic Musician

Cybraphon is completely different from other robotic bands like The Trons.  Cybraphon is more of a musical curiosity cabinet with feelings. Three artists from the UK got together to create Cybraphon.  It took them over 6 months to create this … Continue reading

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Clara 2.0 (the polite robot thereminist)

Clara was created by Sarah Angliss, a musician, sound artist and tinkerer, to play the theremin. In Sarah’s own words: Named in honour of the original theremin virtuoso Clara Rockmore, Clara 2.0 is a robot doll who can play the … Continue reading

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