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A Safe Drone For Last Mile Delivery

The clever people at École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne or EPFL have created a a drone for delivering packages weighing up to 500 g. The drone features a carbon fiber safety cage around it to protect people from the spinning … Continue reading

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Libyan Rebels Get Drone

Canadian company Aeron Labs has sold an Aeryon Scout to the Libyan rebels for an undisclosed amount.  This quadroter drone can be set up with a pre planned flight path, or you can just touch the touchscreen to tell it … Continue reading

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Robot Helicopter

 A new robot helicopter by Vanguard Defense called Shadowhawk has been released.  Shadowhawk has a range of 35 miles and can fly up to 70 miles an hour.  It can come equipped with a turbine or piston engine.  All models … Continue reading

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Amazing Spycopter

From Aeryon Labs in Canada comes an amazing new quadrotor called Scout.  Scout weighs only around 1 kilogram and while carried disassembled, it quickly snaps together. Scout has a range of 3 kilometers, can travel up to 50 kilometers an … Continue reading

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Ambassador Of Death Brings Peace

The Karrar is a 4 meter long robotic plane built by Iran with a 600 mile range. What the plane can actually carry seems to be up for debate.  On one hand it is supposed to be capable of carrying … Continue reading

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