Robot Conquers Pirates

RS ship boarding robot2ReconRobotics has reached an agreement with the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific) to develop a robot to help combat piracy on the high seas.

The prototype shown here is based on the Recon Scout Throwbot.  The Throwbot is very light and capable of being dropped up to 30 feet vertically and still maneuver and transmit video. Using magnetized wheels, the new robot will be able to climb up and over the hull of a ship.

Alan Bignall, President and CEO of ReconRobotics states:

We believe that this micro-robot platform could help mitigate maritime piracy threats and protect the lives of naval personnel and anti-piracy teams.

Finally, a way to get rid of those pesky pirates.  But what if the ship is not metal, but made of something else like fiberglass?  I assume most really large ships that contain valuable cargo are made of metal, but maybe not the ship the pirates rode in on.  Also, no word on how someone would get close enough to actually put the robot on the hull.

Link via (Forbes)

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  1. Alex Knapp says:

    Hm, maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my article, but the contract also calls for developing a larger robot — probably a boat or submarine — that can eject the throwbot onto the ship.

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