Bluefin AUV

Check out Bluefin Robotics based in Cambridge MA.  They make a variety of UAVs (Autnomous Underwater Vehicles), including a glider.

bluefin 21Shown here is the Bluefin-21 AUV, the world’s smallest deep water survey AUV.  They also make  the Bluefin-9, the Bluefin-12, Bluefin-21BPAUV, HAUV (Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) and a glider called SPRAY. The sensors can be integrated into an AUV:

•Doppler Velocity Logs • Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers
• Conductivity and Temperature • Fluorometer
• Li-Cor PAR sensor • Inertial Navigation Systems
• Attitude Heading Reference • Depth Gauges
• Global Positioning Systems

These UAV’s have easily swappable batteries and data modules for fast turn around time between dives.

Watch the  Bluefin-21 movie .

Link via (Sea Discovery)

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