World’s First Döner Kebab Robot

Doner Kabob RobotThe world’s first döner kebab robot has been unveiled in Germany. The robot goes by the name FFDR-V1004 and was invented by  Ahmet Kalyoncu. Ahmet was inspired by his brother, who is an engineer.

Using a digital camera to measure the thickness of each slice, the robot FFDR-V1004 can slice 120 portions an hour, or one portion every 30 seconds.

Traditionally the döner kebab  is made from lamb and served in lavash bread along with salad ingredients.  Two similar dishes are called shawarma in Arabic and gyros in Greek.  While the döner kebab is hardly known in the United Sates, it is very popular in Europe, with over 15,000 kebab shops in Germany alone.

Döner folklore has it that a Turkish immigrant in Berlin, Mahmut Aygun, first put his wafer-thin strips of meat in an open pitta bread, added salad and lashings of sauce and hey presto, the döner kebab was born.

Some highlights of the robot are:

  1. Non-stop working in 7-days / 24-hours.
  2. Ability to cut in front of the high-temperature without getting bored.
  3. Fast and continuously slicing and making standardized slices.
  4. Eliminates the negative human factors (sneezing, cough, perspiration, breath, touch, etc.) and guarantees the hygiene.

I’m not so sure I like robots handling my food, but if you must, click through for a video.

Link via (SMH)

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