Wireless Robot Whips Camel Into Shape

robot jockeyIn the country of Qatar and it’s neighbors, camel racing has been around, well, forever. However in the last couple of years concerns over the jockeys have arisen. The jockeys used to be small boys. But concerns that they were being treated poorly or could fall off has given rise to a robotic jockey.

Yes, that is correct, robots now ride camels in races. A Swiss company called K-Team has been providing robots like this one for a couple of years.

However, a recent article on NPR states that some people have hacked a new cheaper jockey out of a 14.4 watt power drill. By adding a wireless receiver and a short crop, the camel handlers can now push a button on a key fob to activate the robot and the riding crop. The new jockeys created from drills go for around $500. The camel handlers like these new robot jockeys because they weigh much less than the boys did.

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