Window Cleaning Robot

swinburne, window washing robotResearchers from the Swinburne University of Technology  in Malaysia have taken home the silver medal at the Malaysia Technology Expo.

Shown here are two of the inventors, Professor Nazim Mir-Nasiri and Associate Professor Manas Kumar Haldar.  Dr Chai Almon Wei-Yen and teaching assistant Hudyjaya Siswojo also worked on this project for over a year.

Measuring only 37cm x 18cm, the Window Climbing and Cleaning Robot, or WCCR in short, is a portable miniature robot that is capable of climbing windows with the aid of eight suction-cups on its body from which it attaches itself on windowpanes.

As it moves up and down in a zigzag fashion, sponges on the back and front of the robot clean the windowpanes.

The aid of an on-board electronics circuit gives it automated movement.

See our previous post about Winboni, a window washing robot from Michigan State University.

Photo from Swinburne University press release.

Link via (Borneo Post)

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    Cleaning is not an easy job to perform especially window cleaning as it involves many risks. I think this new invention will reduce the risk element from window cleaning. Well Done.

  2. Alan says:

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  3. Commercial cleaning London says:

    How nice! I would love to have such robot at my place. Machines are more reliable than men.

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