Weekly Robot Roundup

GemanoidI give you Geminoid. Holy double vision Batman! Geminoid is a robot built by professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University. The robot is designed to look like him and to take his place in meetings and lectures while the professor is doing something else. The professor wanted to explore the idea of tele-existence or tele-presence. Geminoid has cameras for eyes so that Ishiguro can see through him. The robot has more than 50 sensors and motors beneath its skin and grimaces like a human when poked. See some videos here.

TeRK (Telepresence Robot Kit) unveiled this week. This kit consists of the main module called QWERK, similar to the LEGO robots, and the extras of whichever model you choose. Also, TeRK has a website including different “recipes” for programming the robots. These robots are wireless enabled so you can control them through the internet. See all the action here.

Robot Badge Now available from the Order of The Science Scouts, your very own merit badges. Such as the experienced with electrical shock badge. Seen here is the I build robots badge Level II. The recipient of this badge will have built a semi-autonomous robot. See all fun the badges here.

Also, just in time for the upcoming Transformers movie, unveiled this week are the Sneaker Bots! Link via (BoingBoing)

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