Vexplorer Robot Contest Announces Winners

Grant ImaharaGrant Imahara of Mythbusters and Robot Magazine had a robot building contest using the Vexplorer platform called the Grant Imahara Vexplorer Robot Challenge.  25 contestants were selected after submitting proposals and today they have announced the winners.

In first place is Gustavo Gorektin’s “chembot”.  Gustavo received a $5,000 college scholarship and other prizes.  See Gustavo’s video submission here.

In second place is Jared Schwarz and Tom Lundberg with their “quadripedal walking dinosaur”.  See their entry  here.

And the following ten people tied for third place.

Third Place Winners
Eric Hoag: Pivoting Foot Robot, Eric Change: Cleaning Robot, Peter Campbell: Pole Crawling Robot, Eric Diehr: Ladder Climbing Robot, Kim Pavolic: Ball Throwing Robot, Robert Brik: Scissor Grip Robot, Clay Rayment: Hostage Rescue Robot, Amanda Bassett: Ball Picking Robot, Ethan Porter: Skycam Robot, Cody Smith: Pallet Climbing Robot

Way to go people – awesome robots!

Link to Vexplorer Link to press release

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