UAVs Deliver Medical Supplies

Remote clinics in South Africa are hard to reach due to dirt roads and sometimes heavy rains. This often creates long delays in diagnosing diseases like tuberculosis.

Two UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have been successfully tested to help with this problem and can carry medical payloads of up to 500 grams.  These former spy drones could carry 2 liters of blood or samples back to a lab from the clinics.  Test results could then be text messaged back to the clinic.

The UAVs can launch in wind speed of up to 45 miles per hour and were developed by Denel Dynamics. Using microelectronic gyroscopes and GPS, the UAVs follow a pre determined route to the nearest lab.  One of the UAVs has been nicknamed “e-Juba”, from the Zulu word for pigeon.

The people testing this are waiting for the OK from the South African Civil Aviation Authority to start testing with real payloads.

Watch one of the UAVs being launched in a video here.

Link via (Gizmodo)

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