Treasure Trove Of Robots Uncovered In Japan

50632Wow.  This was certainly part of one  little boy’s childhood fantasies.  These awesome robots were built by Jiro Aizawa in the 1950’s and 1960’s and apparently have been sleeping in a warehouse until now.

The Google translator states the following:

Were sleeping in a warehouse until it’s released by the packaging. We look at the state and restore the dynamics at the time.

Apparently the robots were hiding in a warehouse and have only recently been uncovered.  Some have lights, some have moving parts and tubes and will be restored.  We so very much need one to grace our living room with it’s presence.

Google’s translation from Japanese also states:

Mr. Aizawa Zirou is affected by the box car was exhibited at the fair in London in an elementary school student, then a total of 800 produced in the body of a humanoid robot.

Is this stating that 800 of these amazing robots were made?

Click on through for more amazing photos.

Link via (Botjunkie)

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    I want one!

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