Solar Robots

robotsolar-thumb-520x345Along with many other companies. Uncle Milton is at toy fair in NYC this week.

BoingBoing gadgets is reporting on some new solar powered robots from Uncle Milton shown here.  No word on the pricing or when these great little walkers  will be available.  Uncle Milton sells a host of great toys such as the ant farm and even has Indiana Jones toys and science related stuff.

To make your own solar powered robot called a  Trimet, check out Make Magazine volume 6.

make06trimet-newcell_psSolarbotics has created a kit of all the parts you need to build the Trimet.  Check out the kit here.

Also check out one we made without the kit here.

Update: Make has just posted a video on how to make a Solar Roller robot that is very similar to a Trimet.  We have embedded the video after the break.

Link via (BoingBoing)

Check out the PDF file instructions here, or check out everything over at Make.

Maker Workshop – Miniature Robots on Make: television from make magazine on Vimeo.

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