Sentry Robosub Heads To Gulf

SentryThe Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute is sending a robotic submarine called Sentry to the Gulf of Mexico to help examine the oil plume rising from the BP oil disaster.

According to oceanographer John Delaney, Sentry looks like “a flying bar of soap.”

Sentry can dive up to 4,500 meters deep and is powered by over 1,000 lithium-ion batteries that have been adapted to handle the underwater pressure.  Using a mass spectrometer, Sentry can detect very small quantities of chemicals in the water.

Sentry also has the ability to adjust it’s course on the fly and will hopefully give scientists a 3 dimensional image of the oil plume.

Click through for a video of what Sentry can do and also read about Waldo the glider searching for oil from the BP disaster.

Link via (Reuters) Photo by Mitch Eland from the

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