Sega and Hasbro Unveil New Dancing Partner

a m pSega is introducing A.M.P (Automated Music Personality).  This 2.4 foot tall robot boasts disc shaped hands for scratching, stereo speakers, LEDs, and 2 wheels.

The robot can bob it’s head as red LED lights flash.

Looks kidn of like a robot on top of a Segway.

The robot will be available in November in the US for $745.

See the video from Robot Watch Impress  here.

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One Response to Sega and Hasbro Unveil New Dancing Partner

  1. sega genesis console says:

    Wow…just…wow. I mean, its really REALLY cool and all, but who is going to spend 745 bucks for a giant robot thats going to scare the crap out of their kids? Probably people who don’t have kids, I guess, and just want one for the coolness factor. /shrug

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