Scarlet Knight Rides Again

glider_infopageLast year a team of people from Rutgers University attempted to send a UAV (Underwater Authonomous Vehicle) or glider called Scarlet Knight across the Atlantic Ocean to Spain.  Unfortunately the UAV sunk last October after completing 3,500 miles, just shy of the destination.

Now a new teflon coated version of the Scarlet Knight will make the attempt again.  The new model also boasts lithium batteries  good for 300 days of travel time. No word on when the actual voyage begins, but they are getting ready for it.

According to the official blog, Scarlet Knight was deployed on 4/27.

I was deployed a little before noon today, April 27th! I am currently swimming around off the coast of NJ.

See our previous post on Scarlet Knight here.

Update 5/4: the New York Times now has an article on Rutgers and the Scarlet Knight.

Link via (APP)

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  1. andy says:

    Thats wierd, because today, 4/28/09, i swear i saw it in the parking lot of rutgers being rolled out of a building.

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