Rubot II New World Record

Rubot IIRubot II, the Rubix Cube solving robot, set a new world record this past weekend.

Rubot II was built by Peter Redmond of Mechatrons, based in Dublin Ireland.

Rubot II was at the The Maker Faire , held for the first time  in the Queens area of New York at the New York Hall of Science.

First The Rubix Cube was looked at by an official, and then was given 50 random turns by an audience member.  Then Peter put the cube in Rubot II’s hands.

As soon as Peter released his hand the clock was off and counting.  The time was displayed on Rubot II’s chest.  After a few seconds, Rubot II paused, and I thought something was wrong, but he was just in deep concentration.  Then his hands began to fly and soon the Rubix  Cube was solved in only 37.5 seconds!  A new official world record!

Way to go Rubot II!

Click through for the video of the record setting event.

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  1. IAssemble says:

    Very cool – but have you seen the LEGO speedcubing robots: “Yellow Cube Machine” “ARM Powered Android Speedcuber” and “CubeStormer” 😉

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