Robots To Help Solve Energy Problem

Solar RobotThe National Renewable Energy Laboratory has a new robot that can create a six inch semiconductor on glass, metal or plastic.  This process used to require a scientist visiting 5 different labs and was very time consuming.   The new process works  much faster than previously done and can help scientists find better ways of manufacturing solar cells that cost less.

How much faster? The robot working with silicon can build a semi-conductor on a six-inch-square plate of glass, plastic or flexible metal in about 35 minutes. It pivots and dishes like a point guard, sifts like a master chef, analyzes like a forensics expert and does it all while maintaining a vacuum seal on the entire process.

The laboratory has created six of these robots that may one day hit on a formula to make solar panels cheaper and more efficient than other alternatives .  Once again, robots to the rescue and being a part in solving mankind’s energy crunch.

Link via (Physorg) Photo by Pat Corkery

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  1. Bianca says:

    When would this day come? When solar panels will be cheaper and more accessible.

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