korea, robotland, robot theme parkWere not sure which is more exciting, robots vs pirates or Robotland.

Well Robotland in South Korea has finally secured enough funding to sketch up some cool renders of the robot theme park.  The park has secured $230 million of a $600 million budget and expects to open in 2012 and break even in 2014.  What does that tell you about robots?

Robotland will have a water park, Robot Aquarium where you can actually touch robotic fish, residences, shops, Robot Battle Stadium, Robot Flower Island, Robot Museum and more.

The theme park will also have some content provided by such  famous robots as, Terminator, Robocop, I-Robot, Transformers, Astroboy.  What the actual content is they don’t say.  Probably just schwag like mugs and t-shirts, but hopefully some actual robots.

Wow, sign me up for a trip to south Korea!

Link via (Gizmodo)

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