Robotic HAL Suit Available For Rent

If you live in Japan you will soon be able to rent a HAL or Hybrid Assistive Limb suit.

The suit is manufactured by, yes, Cyberdyne.

The 22 pond system hangs from a belt and is strapped to your legs.  It is also able to read your brain signals by using sensors that touch your skin. The suit will come in 3 sizes and rent for $2,200.00 per month.

The original HAL suit also included components for your shoulders and arms and has helped a quadriplegic climb a mountain.

Video after the break.

Link via (CHealth)

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3 Responses to Robotic HAL Suit Available For Rent

  1. Rifat Yildiz says:

    Hello sir

    I need a HAL because I’m 3 years ago very big car carsh and I’m always seddown (sorry for may english)please help me please

  2. Cakedollar says:

    Does it lip-read too?

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