Robotic Fish

robot fish

Credit: Polytechnic Institute of New York University

Funded by a National Science Foundation award, Muarizio Pofiri is able to continue his work in making robotic fish.  The assistant professor at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University has certainly progressed in how the fish look from last time we saw them.   Last time they looked liked black hearts.

The robotic fish basically act like a muscle when an electrical current is applied. One idea here is that these fish are bigger than the fish they attract and could be used to lead a school of fish away from danger.  Maurizio states:

Studies of schools of fish, flocks of birds and herds of animals have inspired robotic systems designed for our own applications. But I wanted to see if I could close the gap, bringing some of those benefits back into the natural world.


See our previous post about Muarizio Porfiri,  Robot Fish Leads School.

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