Robot Teacher

Engkey RobotStudents in South Korea will now learn English thanks to a cute yellow robot with a face on it called Engkey.  The robots are not completely autonomous and will actually be run by qualified teachers from the Philippines.  The teachers can hear the children in the classroom and react accordingly.

The three and a half foot high robot also has a white Caucasian face on top that will change as the teacher reacts to the children.  I’m not sure why they would choose a Caucasian face over a Korean or other Asian face.

The robots are meant to support the existing teachers, not replace them. Yeah, right.

Japan already has robot teachers.

Link via (Daily Mail)

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  1. Lorne Marr says:

    So after hours spent in front of a computer or Tv children are faced with another artificial device even during the school day. I wonder what impact these new methods will have on their development.

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