Puma’s BeatBot Robot

beatbotPuma has a new robot to help runners go faster called BeatBot.

BeatBot is a rectangular robot about the size of a shoe box with wheels.  You punch in a time and distance and then race the robot.  The robot is a line following robot, but one that can go up to 44km/h thanks to the help of 9 sensors that make it stay on track.

BeatBot was created by Created by ad agency J. Walter Thompson New York.  Florent Imbert executive creative director of  the ad agency states:

“We went through over eight prototypes, and interrogated every aspect of the robot, from the weight of the car, to the lag between the Arduino and servo. We even enlisted the expertise of a NASA robotics engineer and three MIT grads.”

Unfortunately for you and I, BeatBot is only available to Puma-sponsored athletes and teams.


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