New Bot From iRobot

Looj Gutter RobotMost folks speculated that iRobot’s new robot would be a lawnbot. Well, they have introduced a new gutter cleaning robot called Looj.

No word on pricing, but how often do you clean your gutters? Maybe two or three times a year? Does this small amount of useage justify a potential price of $250 – $300?

Even with this robot you still have to climb up on a ladder to put it in the gutter. I highly doubt this robot will be as successful as Roomba or any of their floor cleaning robots.

Link via who else but Engadget

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One Response to New Bot From iRobot

  1. david says:

    price would be justified for handymen who can clean gutters faster by employing a bunch of these things, not individual homeowners.

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