Motorcycle Riding Robot

504x_flossie-2Meet Flossie, the motorcycle riding robot.  Flossie is a test rider for Castrol Motor Oil.

Flossie can ride a stationary bike just like a real rider. He has a ‘self learning’ mode that allows him to learn a bike’s gear change pattern, clutch feel and throttle response.

Castrol states:

He is invaluable in tests which support our core product benefits such as increased power or increased acceleration.

Just wait until they give Flossie vision, then he won’t be riding stationary bikers only.

Click through for a video.

Link via (Gizmodo)

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  1. Hi there, are u A friend recently purchased a old smallish motorcycle, not yet certain what make it is! My other mates are now mocking him and telling him that its a scooter, not a motorcycle! I would like to put them in their place seriously what realy is the difference between a motorbike an a scooter? Can you Help?

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