Monteray Bay Aquariam Tethys AUV

bluefin 21A new AUV (Autonomus Underwater Vehicle) from Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California called Tethys has been unveiled.

Most AUV’s can either go for a long time or go fast, but not both.  Tethys combines both of these properties for the first time in an AUV.

Tethys can reach up to 2.25 miles per hour, but can also go for weeks at half of that speed.  This allows the researchers to follow marine life longer.

Jim Bellingham, the chief technologist states:

The idea is to be able to develop ‘life stories’ of marine organisms by following them as they move through the ocean.

Shown here is the similar AUV Bluefin 21 from Bluefin Robotics.

Link via (Nature News)

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