Michigan Students In MAGIC Final

Magic RobotStudents from the University Of Michigan are set to be in the finals of MAGIC The Multi Autonomous Ground-robotic International Challenge set to take place in November of this year in Australia.  A team of 20 students is led by Edwin Olson, an assistant professor of computer science and engineering.

The robots are able to navigate in an outdoor environment and identify good people versus bad people based on their shirt color and communicate with each other.  For the finals they plan on having a team of 15 robots.

The MAGIC 2010 Robotics Competition asks teams to develop robots to explore indoor and outdoor environments, identify and track humans, and detect objects of interest. We are building robots with advanced sensor hardware and perception software that allows the robots to operate without human assistance.

The team also received an Editor’s Choice Award at the recent Makerfaire in Detroit.

Nice job team.  Good luck in the finals!

Click through to see Ryan Morton, a CSE grad student, explain the robots and their use in search and rescue or military applications.

Update 11/18:  The University of Michigan team won! Great job guys.

Link via (Michigan News Service) via (Robot World News)

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