Mannequin Robot

Mannequin Robot

A Japanese robotic mannequin can change a pose when a customer walks by.

The robot uses a proximity sensor to detect how close the shopper is and then changes its pose.  They hope to one day use facial recognition software to determine a viewers sex and even make the robotic mannequins react to shopping bag logos.

Tatsuya Matsui, chief robot designer of Flower Robotics explains why they animated a mannequin.

It makes the product the mannequin wears look more attractive, increasing consumers’ appetite to buy.

Store owners can rent the mannequins for about $5,000 for an 11 day period including shipping time or buy them for $50,000.

The mannequin is also available as a an upper torso only model.  Both mannequins are made by a company called Flower Robotics.

Link via (Gizmodo)

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