Kiva Robots Now With More Storage Capacity

kiva, robot, warehouseKiva robots have a new option called “double deep”.  This allows the robots to put one shelf behind another.  When an item is needed from the blocked shelf, two robots work in tandem.  The first robot removes the outer shelf and the second robot retrieves the blocked shelf.

This gives the Kiva system a whopping 20% increase in storage capacity.

The robots are also getting a software upgrade called Enhanced High-Density Storage Option and becoming more dynamic.  This upgrade will allow the robots to use lifts and put less used items on higher shelves.  The dynamic inventory can now be organized on multiple levels.

Large companies such as Zappos, Crate & Barrel and have already converted their warehouses to Kiva systems.

Kiva robots are so smart, they even helped move it’s warehouse to a new larger warehouse 15 miles away in only 36 hours.

Oh, by the way, Kiva itself has just moved into a new 120,000 sq foot facility.  I wonder if the robots moved themselves into their new headquarters?

See the Kiva Press Release (pdf) or click through to see a video of the orange robots in action.

Link via (Fast Company)

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