Japan’s First Robot Teacher

saya-sanThe Japanese robot Saya has already been used as a receptionist and secretary.

Now she is to become the world’s first robot teacher.  The Professor Hiroshi Kobayashi has been developing Saya for over 15 years.

A primary school in Tokyo will be the first recipients of Saya as a teacher.

Saya is multilingual and will do roll call as well as set tasks from text books.

Video of Saya after the break.

Link via (UPI)

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11 Responses to Japan’s First Robot Teacher

  1. jholayne says:


  2. Bix says:

    Man, it’s just a little unnerving is all, a human teacher is able to directly commuinicate and help students, a robot has to be controlled, a robot to detect bombs, just so you know, is more helpful than a robot teacer. We want to help prevent death, not replace valuable jobs with mecha. And that ummm thing about hot robots…that’s kind of creepy. You make it sound as if we are prejudiced against robots or something Hiroshi. When I walk into my class, I like to have a teacher that I can communicate with, a robot can give textbook commands, but can it stop in the middle of a lesson and come up wit and alternative, easier way, to explain a difficult topic to a student who just isn’t getting it?

  3. Shuya says:

    Yep it’s the end of the human race…Thanks Japan. I’ll send you a thank you card when i’m getting my bones crash.

  4. Roadie says:

    Hiroshi the problem is with todays economic standing we can’t afford to have a robot as a teacher. We are already losing jobs out here in California for teachers because of the economic crisis and i believe thats what scares people the most, losing their jobs.

  5. Hiroshi Mishima says:

    Wow, you people sure are narrow-minded. I hear people always going on about how neat robots would be, and then when they unveil them, people get all pissy about it. “Oh no, robots are replacing people!” or “I want nothing to do with that abomination!” And to Aurelius, why can’t robotic women be hot too? That’s pretty silly to think that ONLY Human woman can be attractive. Think of all the hot alien women in science fiction shows/movies/games.

    It’s this fear of technology that prevents a lot of people from moving forwards. Japan clearly isn’t afraid to experiment, and I think most sensible people knew they’d likely be the first ones to pull something like this off. America’s too busy playing War Games with third world countries to even bother. I’ve seen some of their work in robotics and while they’re impressive it doesn’t come anywhere as close to the interesting work Japan has done. Or rather, they’re focusing on different kinds of robots. America’s got robots for things like detecting bombs and other destructive fields, while Japan’s robots feel more like they’re focusing on improving or at least changing daily life.

    Maybe AI for our computers won’t be far off. Then I can finally get the thing to tell me what’s wrong when something doesn’t work.

  6. AURELIUS says:


  7. Tony says:

    yeah great idea but what about if the students have questions or want help on something how is the robot going to do that. And besides that what about rody students or studenst that misbehave I mean what if a student runs past the robot and knocks its head off

  8. jones says:

    I guess they should make robot students as well coz non of us humans is gonna put up with such crazy ideas!

  9. Jeff says:

    Soon there will be no need for human teachers – just a robot and a roving security team. Sad future coming.

  10. Big John says:

    It’s bad enough getting yelled at by a human teacher. What’s it going to be like being reproached by a paperweight?

  11. nathanielruiz@ymail.com says:

    datz sum krazi shit.

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