iRobot Introduces New Verro

VerroUntil recently it was the middle of Winter, but with today’s warmer weather one starts to think of Spring. Well, iRobot is way ahead of all of us and is thinking of Summer.

iRobot now has 3 models of pool cleaning robots, including 2 new models. The Verro 100 Pool Cleaning Robot and the Verro 500 Pool Cleaning Robot. They are still offering the 300 model as well. The models are said to be priced at $399, $699 and $999.

All iRobot pool cleaning robots come with a filtration systems that can remove debris as small as 2 microns. The 100 and 300 models will only clean the pool floor, while the 500 model can climb the walls as well.

Link via (Central Daily)

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