iMo Robotic Car

imo-5The iMo concept car by  Anthony Jannarelly is clearly influenced by Apple.

The iMo features Shape Memory Alloy, an artificial intelligence system, Segway gyroscopic technology, safety and communication sensors and is completely autonomous.

I’m not sure if I would trust this car.  What if it had DRM built into it or suddenly had a mind of it’s own?  At least Johnny Cabs come with a human  torso driving them.

Check out the video here.

The buy now feature humorously says the car will be ready in 2024.

Link via (Edmunds)

Photo gallery after the break.

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  1. It’s a good design. I design a similar spherical vehicle, TOBO.

  2. Ramindu says:

    Awesome site mate. Keep up the good work.

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