Huge Scary Robot Unveiled in London

Jason Taylor RobotA giant robot designed to look like Miami Dolphins football player Jason Taylor has been unveiled in London.

The robot can move at up to 5 miles an hour and transmits images from a camera inside his helmet onto a 40 ft screen.

The Miami Dolphins are playing the New York Giants in their first game ever outside of the United States and the robot is being used to promote the match in London.

See more photos from flickr user normoko here.
Link to video here.

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4 Responses to Huge Scary Robot Unveiled in London

  1. Seth says:

    No, it’s a robot. These same guys made that giant elephant robot as well.

  2. Byrdman says:

    It’s just a blow up display

  3. rsm jersey says:

    god help us all….

  4. mwuaq says:


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