HRP-4C Fashion Model

hrp_4c_1The HRP-4C robot was developed by Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.  The fashion robot is ready for her runway debut.

The 62 inch tall robot has over 30 motors to help her strike the right pose, including 8 motors in her face for the right expression.

Will she soon appear on Project Runway?

We don’t know, but she will be appearing on the runway in Japan next week.  The robot will also go on sale soon for about $203,000.

Video after the break.

Link via (Pink Tentacle)

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3 Responses to HRP-4C Fashion Model

  1. Joe S says:

    batteries last for 20min a time, thats good.

    large hands can come in useful 🙂

    Yes i’d tap that 🙂

    Oh god what if you take of the face and it looks like Terminator !!!!

  2. Bruce says:

    Very impresive post ! perfect !

  3. juan says:

    how about this fembot used to train dentists called Simroid

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