Handyman Robot a Reality

Kawada RobotEarlier this year we were impressed with Kawada Industries HRP-2 robot. Now they have released HRP-3 Promet Mk-II. This impressive fellow can walk on sand, is waterproof enough to take a shower and can wield a drill like nobodies business. The robot’s abilities were demonstrated at a conference in Japan on June 21. The robot stands 5 ft 3 inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. No word yet if housewives will be able to rent out this handyman, but he did cost over $3.3 million to develop so you know it ain’t going to be cheap. Click the link for Pink Tentacle to see this robot in action set to a funky version of Kraftwerk’s classic song The Robots. See the original video of The Robots by Kraftwerk here.

Link via (Pink Tentacle)

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  1. lucyhc says:

    So, can he do the dishes? Clean a toilet? I want to make sure I’m getting my $3.3 mil worth!

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