Folding Printable Robots

Step_8Being able to print a robot has come to UC Berkley.  If the design is no good, just print a new one.

Using only 2CAD software like CorelDraw, posterboard, glue stick, silicone rubber feet and a laser cutter, the robot shown here was fashioned in about 20 minutes.

The robot is the outfitted with smart actuators like piezoelectrics and shape memory alloy to make it actually move.

This scaled process lets the folded robot designer go from a design on paper to a functional scaled prototype in as little as 20 minutes. Rapid iteration alleviates the risk of committing to a design and fabricating at the small scale too soon. Instead, the designer is free to explore a variety of ideas at the larger scale, discarding the unsuccessful attempts and rapidly integrating lessons learned in the process to produce a design that is much more likely to succeed at the small scale.

Video after the break.

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