Envirobot Senses Out Water Pollution

EnvirobotAn eel like robot from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne sniffs out water pollution.

The robot is designed to be light, portable and autonomous.

The idea is to have empty modules you can fill with different sensors.  Envirobot will then seek out the source of the pollution.

“Those modules, by default, they don’t have any sensors,” explains Alessandro Crespi, a member of the Envirobot team.  Researchers are working on a variety of sensors to fill the modules.

Crespi also states, “We want to have the robot to be able to actually look for a very specific pollution source by following the concentration gradient.”

Since Envirobot operates near the water’s surface, it can transmit data to a base station on shore or in a boat.

Link via Atlas Obscura

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