Drones Over Houston

I’m not sure how old this video is.  One commenter states it is 2 years old.

That being said, it seems like the Houston police are using an Insitu ScanEagle to spy on it’s residents.

The news team from KPR2 in Houston followed the drone in a helicopter and was told by the police they were in a restricted area and to leave.  Several calls to the FCC and the FCC new nothing about that area being a restricted area.

I wonder if the FCC will make the Houston police file flight plans 60 days in advance as they are doing to buyers of the Tactical Information Craft drone?

The ScanEagle uses a 1.9 hp 2 stroke engine, has a wingspan of 10.2 feet and is 4.5 ft long.  The drone weighs 28.8 lbs without any extra gear and can add an extra 15 lbs of gear and still lift off.  It can also cruise at a speed of 48 knots and stay aloft over 24 hours.

Click through for some ScanEagle photos.

Link via (Boing Boing)

All images from Insitu.  Click on each image to enlarge it.

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