Cornell’s Ranger Sets Walking Record

RangerAt an indoor track at Cornell University, a robot named Ranger has beaten a record previously held by Big Dog from Boston Dynamics.

Ranger is a four legged biped robot and walked for 14.3 miles in under 11 hours without stopping. The previous record held by Big Dog was 12.8 miles.

A robot like Ranger is all about energy and how to maximize  it’s efficiency.  Ranger took a total of 65,185 steps, used a total of 24.5 watts of energy, at an average speed of .60 meters per second to walk for a whopping 14.3 miles and best Big Dog.

Click through to hear and see Andy Ruina, a professor at Cornell, explain how and why they built Ranger.
Update 5/15/11: Ranger sets a new record of walking 40.5 miles on a single charge via Yahoo News
Link via (News Wise)

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