CHARLI Humanoid Robot From Virginai Tech

CHARLI-LCHARLI-L (Cognitive Humanoid Autonomous Robot with Learning Intelligence) L is for light, is a giant leap forward for robotics in the United States.  This is the first untethered walking, arm and head moving humanoid robot built in the US.

CHARLI-L is already walking, will soon be kicking and is expected to make an appearance later this year at the Robocup in Singapore.

Sure we have seen some impressive stuff from  Japan like Asimo, but this robot is homegrown.

Virginia Tech has already started working on a second robot called CHARLI-H.

CHARLI-H, H is for heavy,  is being developed to walk on uneven surfaces thanks to custom-designed actuators and will one day be able to run, jump. kick and pick up objects.

Click through to see CHARLI-L in action.

Way to go Virginia Tech!

Link via (Endgadget)

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