Block Party Highlights



As most of you know, last week was  National Robotics Week.  On Saturday we went to Boston’s Robot Block Party at the Museum of Science and had an amazing time.

There was a Roomba and a Scooba give away. iRobot was there in full force and even had a Packbot that handed out free stickers.

We also saw several robots from FIRST and watched some of their competitions.

The highlight for us though, was the Panel Discussion titles Robots in 2031.  The panel included Dr. Cynthia Breazeal from MIT’s Media Lab, iRobot CEO Colin Angle, FIRST President Jonathan Dudas and FIRST veteran Catherine Pierce.  The moderator was Jake Ward from Popular Science.

Our favorite story from the panel is one Colin Angle told of his two year old daughter at the breakfast table eating Cheerios.  Some Cheerios had fallen out of the bowl and onto the table.  His daughter brushed the cereal onto the floor, so Colin asked what happened. His daughter Darcy replied, “Don’t worry daddy, the robot will get it.”

Don’t worry daddy, the robot will get it.

We never had that option when I was a kid.  Will kids soon be feeding robots unwanted vegetables from the dinner table  like brussels sprouts?

The second take away was from Dr. Cynthia Breazeal referring to the state of robots in 2031.

There’s going to be a whole menagerie of robots out there.

Thanks for a fabulous robot block party!

See more photos of the action after the break.

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