Bend it Like Robo Beckham

Rudi from NimbRoFor those of you who missed the RoboCup in Atlanta like we did, we give you Rudi. He is from team NimbRo in Germany. Part of the kid size humanoid class, Rudi is 60cm tall and weighs 4kg. He also sports 3 wide angle cameras and an attitude sensor? We’re not quite sure what an attitude sensor is, but team NimbRo did manage to defeat team Osaka 8 to 6 in the Kid Size 2 on 2 division at RoboCup finals this year. Eventually roboticists hope to create a humanoid robot capable of playing against real humans. Who would win in a 2 on 2 game with David Beckham and Ronaldo on one side and a larger Rudi and his teammate on the other?

Complete list of winners here. Link to NimbRo here. Link to video of final game here.

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