BEAM Robotics 20th Anniversary

Solarover-1.0-DatestampIf you enjoy any of the Robosapien robots or almost anything from WowWee Robotics, then you have Mark Tilden and BEAM robotics to thank.

“The first BEAM bot was “Solaroller 1.0?.  It was invented Nov 10, 1989 in Waterloo, Ontario at the University of Waterloo MFCF Hardware Lab (after hours) by Mark W. Tilden. It was made from two dead calculators, two dead Phillips cassette mechanisms, and several parts from Laser-printer cartridges”.

We think the Solarover reminds us of Lukes Skywalker’s Landspeeder. BEAM robotics had its 20th anniversary on 11/10/2009.  Check out the full story at Solarbotics complete with comments from Mark Tilden.

Link via (Make)

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