ASGUARDThis cool robot comes to us from the Robotics Innovation Center at the University of Bremen in Germany.

ASGUARD stands for  Advanced Security GUARD and is designed to be a first responder in search and rescue type operations over a variety of terrain.

ASGUARD was also developed to have the best of wheeled and legged locomotion with a unique spoked wheel system.  Wheeled robots normally can’t climb stairs and legged robots can be slow.  ASGUARD can climb stairs, slopes, sandy slopes and even walk under water.  About the only thing this robot can’t do is walk on water.

Some technical specs are:

• Maximum speed: 2 m/sec
• Weight: 8 kg
• Payload: 5 kg
•Dimensions(l x w x h): 95cm x 50cm x 44cm
• Motors: 4 x 24V DC motors
• Battery: 30V Lithium Polymer
• Application Sensors: Video camera, infrared camera, laser scanner, GPS, chemical and biological sensors

See more information about ASGUARD at the university’s website.

Click through for a video of ASGUARD walking underwater.

Link via (ELROB Catalogue)

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