iC HexapodArtbots has announced the lineup for their show this coming September in Dublin. From the press release:

We are very pleased to announce that ArtBots 2008 Dublin will take place on September 19-21, 2008, at Science Gallery at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

The show features 15 works by 16 artists from 9 countries, as well as performances, workshops, lectures, and an awards ceremony.

Included in the show is the fabulous robot shown here called iC Hexapod by Matt Denton.  Matt has worked on many things, including some of the Harry Potter movies.  iC Hexapod follows faces around and then posts there photo to it’s website

This looks to be a completely amazing show with some really talented folks showing their stuff.

See a video of iC Hexapod in action here.

Listen to the Artbots theme song here.


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