A Safe Drone For Last Mile Delivery

Pack DroneThe clever people at École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne or EPFL have created a a drone for delivering packages weighing up to 500 g.

The drone features a carbon fiber safety cage around it to protect people from the spinning blades.

The makers were inspired by origami and have created a drone that is able to fold up and become 92% smaller so it can be carried easily or put into a backpack.

This sounds very promising for deliveries in rural or mountainous areas or even for emergencies such as delivering medical supplies.    The drone has a range of 2 kilometers or about 1.2 miles.

The makers have also created an app that pre plans the flight route and once the package is delivered, the drone can return home on its own.

Below you can see what the drone looks like when folded up.

Folded Drone






In the video below you can see them testing the drone.

They have made over 150 deliveries around campus.

Very nice job, well done.



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