3 Robot Apps For Your iPhone

picture-24For all you iPhone users and musicians out there comes an new iPhone app called Bebot.

For a measly $2 from the iPhone app store you get a cute robot in a tux and a synthesizer app for your iPhone.

Jordan Rudess, keyboardist for the band Dream Theater can explain how Bebot works better than we can.

Watch him explain Bebot in a video after the break.

Link via (CIO)

Kamikaze RobotsOr if robot games are more your style, check out Kamikaze Robots, with both a free and a premium version from Digital Chocolate.

This game features over 25 levels of game play and a multi-player version.  In this game you spin , tumble down hills and visit the robo factory for upgrades as shown here.

Also check out the newly released Robo Riot for $1 by Urbunsquall.  Your goal in this game is to protect humanity from the rioting robots.  This game is also available as a free online game here.


Robo Riot has 2 versions, Riot Control or Assassination.  We preferred Riot Control, but both can be fun.

Let the Robo Games begin.

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