Gemini-Scout to Rescue Trapped Miners

gemini-scoutFrom Sandia National Laboratories comes the Gemini-Scout robot, designed to rescue trapped miners.  This amazing robot really has two tread based modules that are linked together.  It looks like  one module contains the batteries and the other contains the sensors and lights.

Thanks to the tank tread design, Gemini-Scout can climb stairs and maneuver over rubble and gravel.  The robot can also go through up to 18 inches of water unscathed.

‘We have designed this robot to go in ahead of its handlers, to assess the situation and potential hazards and allow operations to move more quickly,’ said Jon Salton, Sandia engineer and project manager. ‘The robot is guided by remote control and is equipped with gas sensors, a thermal camera to locate survivors and another pan-and-tilt camera mounted several feet up to see the obstacles we’re facing.’

Gemini-Scout was built with an eye towards all the dangers a mine can present. To that end, the engineers have also put the electronics in an explosion proof casing, in case of a gas explosion. Click through for a video.

Link via (Endgadget)

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