Swiss Weed Killing Robot

EcorobotixSwiss company ecorobotix have developed a robot that can micro dose weeds with weedkiller.

The fully autonomous robot is basically a giant solar panel on wheels.  It can operate for 12 hours at a time, navigating by GPS  along with  additional sensors and a camera.

Using two tanks, the robot micro doses the weeds, using 20 times less weed killer than traditional methods.

Now, if the engineers could only make the robot pull out the weeds instead of using chemicals.

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Remus 6000 Finds Spanish Wreck

Robotic submarine the REMUS 6000 from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute has discovered lost Spanish Galleon the San José. The wreck was discovered off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia, on Nov. 27, 2015 but could not be revealed until now due to legal matters.

The Boston Globe states:

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has revealed that one of its robot submarines played a key role in the discovery of a sunken Spanish galleon that might contain billions of dollars’ worth of treasure.
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Robocopter On Mars

NASA is sending a robot helicopter to mars where the air is only about 1% as dense as the air on Earth. The helicopter will travel as part of the Mars Rover 2020 mission and arrive to Mars in February of 2021.

Four years of design and testing in a Mars like environment will enable the helicopter to fly in the thin air on Mars.

“The altitude record for a helicopter flying here on Earth is about 40,000 feet. The atmosphere of Mars is only one percent that of Earth, so when our helicopter is on the Martian surface, it’s already at the Earth equivalent of 100,000 feet up,” said Mimi Aung, Mars Helicopter project manager at JPL.

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Tennibot: The World’s First Robotic Tennis Ball Collector

TennibotDo you play a lot of tennis? Tired of collecting all the balls?

Then check out Tennibot, your automatic tennis ball collecting robot.

Tennibot has an 80 ball capacity bucket and a 90 minute charge let’s it run for 4 – 5 hours.

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Ava Robotics

iRobot ava 500

iRobot’s Ava 500 from 2013

Ava Robotics is a spinoff from iRobot but not a new robot.  iRobot first introduced us to Ava in 2011. Ava Robotics is being reintroduced today as it’s own company and offering up a telepresence robot that can drive itself.

Using Cisco Spark for high def video, the Ava Robotics team concentrated on mobility.  Ava is able to drive itself and comes with a mobile app.  Once the robot has mapped out it’s environment it can then move on it’s own to the desired location, while automatically avoiding people and other objects.

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