Topio The Ping Pong Playing Robot

topio1Topio 2.0 will be appearing at the Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair in Nuremburg, Germany from February 5-10.

Topio weighs 60kg, is 2.1m tall and can play ping pong against us puny humans.  We think this illustration makes Topio look like RoboCop.

One day the manufacturer TOSY Robotics hopes to make Topio play football, martial arts and even swim.

Video after the break.

Link via (VietNam)

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8 Responses to Topio The Ping Pong Playing Robot

  1. Ashley says:

    Just submit your post to my facebook, cant wait to share this.Think all of my folks will see this…Thanks.

  2. huy says:

    Why this useless robot. I see no other reason for making this robot than quick attempt to score a prize.

  3. Thymo says:


    It’s awesome, but it sucks… 😀

  4. clandestine says:

    it is very cute,
    love it

  5. custom muay thai short says:

    Another interesting article from your blog 🙂 When will it stop….hopefully never

  6. Phuong Nguyen says:

    Oh, Vietnam. by Vietnamese!

  7. H?i Nam says:

    It’s from Vietnam. W W

  8. I love table tennis robot. very goog works.

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